Baker's Dozen
Scale- 1/4"=1'
Project Duration- 3 weeks
Date Completed- September 2010
Media- Pen and ink on vellum, Pencil on paper

In this first assignment I was asked to design a space for a single person to work/live in so, I designed a space for a baker. The existing floors of the building reminded me the layers of a cake. Hence, in my design each floor has a specific function and purpose. The top 2 floors are for living; the third for mixing; the second for baking and the first for selling. There is some space below the building on the ground floor which can be used for deliveries.
The first photograph shows the existing site. That is followed by a parti drawing for the design. The last two orthographic drawings of my design: one plan and one section. One floor of the section is rendered tonally to show the shadows cast by the section cut.
In addition to demonstrating my drawing skills, one of the main challenges of this assignment was to be able to use only one plan and one section drawing to communicate the design intentions. In addition, consistency, precision, and careful coordination between the drawings is required in order to understand the project’s form and the ideas it contains. I also had to decide what needed to be drawn i.e. which floor plan to draw and where a section cut is best taken.


Parti Sketch  

3rd floor plan