Game Plan
Project Duration- 3 weeks
Date completed- October 2010
Media- Autocad drawings, Cinema 4d renderings, Chipboard and acetate model

Project Brief- A world-renowned scholar will soon arrive for a joint one year research appointment to RISD and Brown University. S/he will bring with her/him, 100 specimens gathered from around the world and necessary for their research. The scholar’s specific area of research and the associated collection of 100 objects are yours to imagine, refine, and assemble. I have been asked by the university to design a space specifically for this highly regarded scholar and their collection. The space will be used by the scholar for research, and may also have and occasional invited guest.
Specifically, your site shares a firewall with the fourth floor of the adjacent building, which will hold an unrelated RISD research/think tank. Specifications also include a library that can be accessed by the think tank.

Because of my interest in math, the scholar that I chose for this project is a mathematician. S/he is studying game theory and is collecting games. Game theory is a theory that helps one decide what is the best way to win a game. This theory can also be applied to real life decisions. Hence, this scholar is trying to get people to make the decision that has the maximum probability of succeeding. But, there are some external factors that affect the ability to make right choices. These primarily are space, heat and light. S/he can map these factors in the probability equation. So in order to help s/he, I have designed a space in which s/he could test the effect of these factors. I designed different dynamic spaces- high, low, up, down, to control how space affects a person's game playing abilities. Heat and light are controlled by using intelligent glass.
When you walk in the first thing you see is the people playing the games. One can also all around and view the people. So in addition to the shelving, the people become part of the collection. The office space is directly in front of the structure, so that the scholar can look around at the people playing.

floor plan  


west elevation  

physical model  

freehand perspective sketch of the interior

isometric views  

site rendered without materials

rendered space with materials