Scale- Various
Date completed- May 2011
Media- Autocad drawings, Wood and pulpboard model

Project Brief- Design an open kitchen for the Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, New York. The program should include: An open kitchen, indoor/outdoor seating, an outdoor cinema, offices, a dock, and bathrooms. There is an existing Mark Di Suvero sculpture which is used as an artist's work space/studio; if desired, the sculpture can be used. There are also existing shipping containers which are offices.

I started with the idea of wanting to build a solar powered kitchen. I liked the original sculpture but didn't want to dismantle it or resuse it so I used it as a starting point for my form. I also created a form in which I would get the maximum amount of solar power. The building is a quarter sphere with a circular base. The structure has a moving piece attached to it with solar panels. As the sun moves from east to west, this panel follows the sun. The form references a globe and plays on the idea of whether the earth is moving around the sun or whether the sun is moving around the earth. Also, as the sun moves around the form creates interesting shadows in the structure. The building also faces the south to get the maximum amount of energy. The power received by the park would be great hence the whole system is an on grid system so that it can power parts of New York City. Although the costs would be a lot to install the solar panels, any other kinds of mechanisms would not work in this climate. In addition, the power company would also compensate the park for any power it provides the city.
The structure hangs over the water to form a connection/link between the land and the water. This building contains the kitchen and seating areas. The counter inside has been mirrored so that people can stand on both sides and interact with each other. The basement below carries all the mechanisms for the solar panels and also has the bathrooms. There is a small platform for wheelchair accessibility. The circular base forms a dock and a ferry terminal so that people coming from Manhattan can enter straight onto the land via the structure. I left the existing building as the artists work space/studio and also left the shipping containers as the offices and added an area to park bikes.

Photos of existing sculpture  

Elevation of existing sculpture

Site plan  

Floor plan  

Basement floor plan  

North elevation  

South elevation  

East elevation  

Roof plan  

physical model