Project Duration- 12 weeks
Date Completed- May 2011
Media- Autocad, Cinema 4D and Photoshop

This project was part of a computer 2D and 3D rendering exercise on Autocad and Cinema 4D. I chose Koshino House by Tadao Ando. There were various stages to this project starting with basic 2D plans and sections and ending with final renders of the building. I edited the final 2 images with photoshop.
Koshino House is designed by Tadao Ando and was completed in 1984. Since the house is on a slope part of the structure is embedded in the ground and there are various levels to the building.
Ando likes to use a lot of simple shapes and geometric forms and also tries to mix
traditional Japanese Architecture with contemporary designs.
“Light is the origin of all being. Striking the surface of things, light grants them an outline; gathering shadows behind things, it gives them depth. Things are articulated around borders of light and darkness, and obtain their individual form, discovering interrelationships, and become infinitely linked.” -Tadao Ando
The house is primarily made of glass and concrete. Lighting is clearly the most important aspect if this building. Large glass windows all light to enter and it is interesting to see the light move around during the day.

photos of the house  

Plans and Sections  

Isometric views  

Initial Rendered Model  

Final Rendered Model  

Final Photoshopped Image