Part 4 of 4
Project Duration- 5 weeks
Date completed- December 2011
Media- Autocad and Cinema 4D

Project Brief: Our clients are a young couple looking to create space that will allow them to live and work in relative proximity. They imagine that they will live here forever.
Client Profile: Ian is a set designer and painter who sometimes works at his home office/studio. He sometimes meets and works with his staff in their live/work space. Rachel is a chef and is working on a menu with her staff in the couple's kitchen. The couple has 3 children. Noah is 11 years old and their twin daughters Jane and Tammy are 6 years old. The family also has a dog and 2 cats. The program- Living area, dining area, kitchen and food storage, master bedroom and master bath, children's bedroom and bath, studio space for Ian and meeting area/office area.

While doing precedent research on Pierre Chareau's Glass House I developed two concepts- division of space through partitions and transparency. I combined these two concepts to create translucent partitions. There are 2 partitions in the living/dining/studio area that are made of a unique material called Softwall, a flexible partition. These partitions can be adjusted accordingly to divide the space and create privacy. Another partition exists in the twins bedroom so that they can create a temporary wall between their beds. (Look at plans to see various combinations of partitions.)
When it came to designing the bathrooms I wanted to turn something that might be static and boring into something with motion and character. So I created a rounded form in order to give the bathrooms more movement. The bathroom between the kids' bedrooms acts as a partition between the rooms as well as storage shelves. The material that I chose for the bathroom walls is translucent Corian to create an interesting shadowy effect.
I wanted more than enough storage in the apartment. So all the shelves are doubled- one shelf moves in front of the other creating a deeper storage space. I incorporated the transparency into are the storage shelves as well. The back lighting would make them look ghost-like.
Some of the furniture also has partition like elements. The dining table expands to accomodate more people; the studio table has a hidden compartment; and the coffee table also folds out. (Look at ref. images)


parti and initial sketches  


section perspective of children's room

section perspective  

isometric view  

renderings of interior