Part 2 of 4
Project Duration- 2 weeks
Date completed- September 2011
Media- Autocad and Cinema 4D

Project Brief- Our nomad travels with his/her possessions and the "vehicle" by which s/he travels must be adaptable to varying conditions while still evoking the essence of home. your encampment will be no more than 3 days. You are your own client. The first site that I chose was 'Willowbrook Park' in LA. I wanted a site that was an open space but in a city. The second site is Turks head plaza; it was assigned to me.

When I started this project the first image that came to my mind was something that expanded and contracted or something that was compact and then opened up. Hence, my design was inspired by a matchbox. It has two compartments and one comes out of the other. The plans are very simple- The kitchen, dining and bathroom are fixed and the seating area, bed, closet and desk are part of the home that open up. The sofa can double up as a bed for me to use at night. The chairs and coffee table can be folded up and stored away under the dining table. I wanted to create a home that was very spacious and comfortable so that it would feel like a home away from home. So the material I wanted to use is oak and bamboo because they are strong but also light. They can also be made waterproof by coating them with a resin. I also used a red fabric on the seating to add some color to the space.
The windows are put in such a place so that I can have a good view of the water and the park and also so that enough light enters the space. Even the doors swing out all the way to make the space more open. The renderings show the interior view and the position of my home at the two sites.

photos of site  

plans and section 1  

section 2 and 3  

isometric views  

interior view  

aerial views of exterior of home