Time and Tide

Project Duration- Spring 2012 - 4 Months
Exchange at Kyoto Seika University
Presentation Practice Seminar - Group Project
Date Completed- July 2012

Project Brief- In this seminar, we learned about the techniques of representation – simulation of new software technology; dynamic – animation based software (Maya), multiple ramifications (Rhino and 2D tools) and design through the variables of time, reproduction, variation, and repetition. The software became a very important part within the production of a design, and not merely a tool for representation and simulation. We were introduced to advanced techniques in digital modeling, drawing and image representation, and fabrication and provide the knowledge and skills to develop proficiency in various modes of architectural communication. As digital technology is evolving every moment now, there are many possibilities and solutions that we can learn from. The skillsets and knowledge attained in this seminar will hope to benefit my ongoing progress as an architect and designer, as well as use them in my current and future projects.

We explored various natural phenomena starting with a waves, then a rock and finally a shell. We created line drawings, blend shapes, renderings, contour models (physical and virtual) and a 3D print model.

blend shape animation of shell:

wave references  

board 1  

renders of rock and wave  

shell references  

board 2  

render of shell  

model of wave, rock and 3d print model of shell