Part 3 of 4
Project Duration- 3.5 weeks
Date Completed- November 2011
Media- Autocad and Cinema 4D

Project Brief- Our traveller is a visitor to Providence. Provide a comfortable environment that will also offer exposer to the city and to other inhabitants or travellers. Our visitor is here for a one-week stay.
Purpose- To explore accommodation of an unknown client with the intent of guiding perceptions of a place and interactions with other unknowns, to provide comfort and personal space in a communal setting. Develop a concept for the Lobby/Common space. There is no set number of rooms or travellers to be accommodated however your approach should result in efficient use of this space.

When I first saw the site, what I liked about it was the light in the building and so light became my concept. The building doesn't get direct sunlight but a lot of ambient light. I started by drawing out the light and shadow lines that hit the building. (pic 3) The roof gets the most direct light, so using the triangular shapes i created voids in each floor to filter the light through the building. (shown in grey) Translucent glass covers the voids to maintain privacy. I wanted the light to draw people out into public spaces. I inverted the program so that the more public areas are no top of the building. There is also a pool on the roof so that light passing through the water creates a watery effect in the lobby and dining areas. The voids are also placed over the lounge areas on each floor. The voids are placed directly over the corridors where the movement of people is the greatest. The stairs are floating so that light passing through them forms shadows in the stairwell. The elevator has a glass roof and glass doors so that light can pass down through it. As you enter the door you see the light from the stairs and elevator so it draws the traveller up to the top floor immediately. To play around more with the light I created voids in the walls around the staircases. Some create holes and some are backlit.
I also thought about people's sleeping habits. The sun moves from east to west so the north facade gets the morning sun so the north side rooms would be for people who are early risers. The west facade gets light in the evenings and hence would be for people who like to sleep in. The voids also continue on into the rooms at the entrance and in parts over the sinks, so that light can pass through the slits. Part of the bathroom wall is a glass wall so that the light from the window can enter the bathroom as well. The lounge areas are narrow on some floors hence the seating is angled to use the space more efficiently.

Facade of Building  

Site Plan  

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