Project Duration- 3 months
Completed- March 2013

Project Brief- This studio focused on the production of architectural effects through the design and fabrication of storage solutions for the Woonsocket Family Shelter. In economic times where the population of homeless individuals and families in the United States has increased, where the economic prospect of a safe home becomes a distant dream for many families of recent immigrants, the Woonsocket Family Shelter provides a place for families in finding the first steps towards a new home. Artifacts are personal objects are the ultimate contact residents have with their previous lives. Their use of storage is a protocol to augment on one hand the residents integration into their new shelter as well as a sign of identification in to their new lives. We searched to generate and integrate a range of storage solutions within the facilities of the shelter.

Playing around with grasshopper I discovered Voronois. The images below show my process and the video shows the actual building process. It is interesting to see the transition from the computer model to the actual installation. I chose masonite as the material because it is light and cheap but durable. Strips of mdf are used to pin in to the wall. This project was definitely a challenge and very time consuming. So as I was working on it, I decided to cut the size down to 70% because the voronoi forms were more than enough for one room and I felt that the pieces might overwhelm the room.

time lapse of installation:



photos of current condition of room






Final Installed Shelving