Part 1 of 4
Date completed- September 2011
Media- Photoshop

Project Brief- The urban wanderer is passing through space. S/he pauses long enough on their way through the city to observe the character of the urban condition. Your design brief will be to design an intervention to an urban space that will alter the perception or behavior of those who observe or inhabit this object. Their interaction will be no more than 30 minutes. Our client is anyone.

The site I chose was the Providence river right by the RISD ID and Architecture department buildings. It is a very beautiful spot but it's very isolated and lonely. The Providence river is polluted with runoff, mercury and sewage every year. I not only want to attract people to the area but want to get them to appreciate the river and change the way they view the river. The first thing that I thought of when I thought of attention catching was the color orange. In India, orange marigold flowers are used to decorate statutes of Gods in temples. I want to cover the river with these orange flowers; hence sending the message that the river is sacred. I also want to put large baskets of these flowers so that people can walk down to the river and put the flowers in the water themselves. This way they can interact with the installation. These baskets would be placed strategically either at bus stops or at intersections so that people I'm hoping that people passing by on South Main Street would watch people put the flowers in the water and walk down to South Water Street.

Marigold Flowers  

Site Map  

Portals/Openings where baskets will be placed

Site with photoshopped concept