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Chaos Theory

Project Brief - The carnival: an ideal conceptual framework for rethinking the urban environment, challenging the future of cities and expanding architecture’s cultural project.

The big idea for the carnival is “chaos theory”, which examines and redefines the existing function of interstitial spaces. The grasshopper script that generated the digital diagram was first used on puppets. This script was then applied to interstitial spaces to follow the puppet’s trajectory.

Studio: PennDesign First Year Studio with Annette Fierro
Project Duration: 4 Months
Completed: May 2016

The site analysis looks at the interstitial spaces formed by the buildings around the site. These spaces are interesting because their shapes and forms have the ability to incite fears. Most of these in between spaces exist in the residential areas of the city. However, these interstitial spaces are discarded and only exist as private spaces.

Forms are created by the negative spaces crated by the interstitial spaces, which become the programmatic spaces. New in between spaces become the open outdoor spaces, passages form spaces for markets and food, and bridges are formed to create new circulation paths.