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Cyborg Misprison

Project Brief - To develop an architectural facade using AI and a neural network software.

Concept - Seemingly ordinary images were altered using an AI software called ‘Ostagram’. Using the manipulated images a concept was derived from each of these images.

The facade then emerged from the combination of the characteristics of two altered images to create a hybrid.

Studio: PennDesign Third Year Studio with Karel Klein
Project Duration: 4 Months
Completed: May 2018

The facade is layered, and as each layer is revealed, occupiable spaces begin to emerge. This occupiable facade houses a vineyard. Light streams in through tube like openings; control of the light allows the wine to age in barrels stored within the facade. The last layer of the facade comprises of a perforated screen that breaks the geometric tube like forms.

Lastly, the facade is wrapped in a grid like structure that weaves through its layers, giving it structural stability.