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Design the World

Project Brief- To design a new world which can have its own rules.

Concept- In the world today, there is an imbalance between the individual and society. However, the individual is as important as society and has the right to choose their relationships. People move continuously in and out of their homes. I wanted to design adaptive housing that changes with every families’ day to day living.

I decided that the rules for the world would be:
There is no such thing as a “marriage”
People change their job every 10 years
The world is accepting of same sex partners and open relationships

Studio: Design the World
Exchange at Kyoto Seika University, Japan
Project Duration: 4 Months
Completed: July 2012

Plato referred to polyhedra as the basic building blocks of creation and credited their “structural harmony” while bringing “order out of chaos.” These forms will create order and will also allow free and flexible movement. Each unit is a polyhedron which can be attached to other polyhera as people form relationship

Proteins are made up of a string of molecules that are bonded together. The design of the public space is based on the structure of a Protein. Like polyhedra, proteins are also the building blocks of life. Their structure is such that they continuously change and yet keep their function and order constant. The spiral form that I created is also made up of individual units that are interconnected; the individual units and communities can plug-in to the spiral. The helical form gets larger at the top, thus the communities are more concentrated at the bottom. The main spiral is a closed pressure system and is airtight and sealed.

In the future, land will be scarce, man will have to start building in the sea thus this is where ‘my world’ is located. It is completely self sufficient and gets its energy from solar panels, wind turbines, bio-fuel and wave power.