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Project Brief- To glean a dozen items that are interesting, observe their physical characteristics and arrange them so that they have a relationship to each other.
Most of the items that I found were plastic, and realized that there is a lot of plastic that is thrown away. I found two egg boxes- one made of paper and one made of plastic. This made me wonder why one wouldn't just make paper egg boxes. That would prevent so much plastic from being thrown away and paper is biodegradable and recyclable.
For the next part, I used red and black tape to make two "cuts" through the items and then drew the section cuts out in red and black. After that I rendered in pencil everything that was in between the 2 cuts.
For the last drawing, I selected a part of the rendering that would create an ideal space for contemplation by one person. I enlarged that part and placed a figure laying in one of the bubbles. This space seemed like the perfect place to sleep or relax.

Studio: Sophomore Studio

Project Duration: 1.5 Months

Completed: March 2011