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School of Groucho Marx

This project included a study of Rafael's "School of Athens". It is a painting that was challenging and one that had many figures. The first one is a line drawing (in conte crayon) of the painting. I tried to use different line weights to emphasize importance of the figures. The second is a detail drawing of one of the women in the painting- Hypatia, a Greek Scholar. The last one is my final in which is another detail of the central figures- Plato and Aristotle. They are at the vanishing point of the painting. I added my own twist to the original by giving my figures Groucho Marx glasses and also adding myself in, to make the drawing humorous.

Size: 48"x 22", 9"x 36" and 36"x 65"
Project Duration: 2 weeks
Completed: November 2009

Media: Conte crayon and Charcoal on Paper

  • Raphael's School of Athens
  • Conte crayon line drawing
  • Hypatia
  • Final