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Light It Up

LIGHT IT UP organizes information through virtual reality in the site surrounding Spring Garden Station. The collective information generated by each user’s behavior takes on a physical form as a system of lights that animates the neighboroughoods. Using mind-reading technology and mobile devices, users can acess and control LIGHT IT UP. The system of lights will then guide them through the area, providing way-finding, safety and delight.

A light beacon, made entirely of light, would appear and change colors and locations depending on the activities, emotions and needs of the constituencies that inhabit the neibourhood. In the morning, the main colors may be blue and yellow, as the users head to work, while at night it will turn purple and red, reflecting people’s lively moods as they experience the area’s nightlife.

Studio: PennDesign First Year Studio

3rd Place Competition Winner

Project Duration: 1 Week

Completed: January 2016

When someone gets off at the Spring Garden Station, LIGHT IT UP will detect their direction and activity, and paths of light will appear to guide them to their destination. LIGHT IT UP accommodates for different types of users (local, transitory, or touristic) and their different speeds of travel (walking, driving, or biking).

The system of light interweaves into a network representing the community and its liveliness. Each individual’s virtual reality will seamlessly merge media information with the site and the exiting architecture. As a result, the site isn’t only easier to navigate, but it becomes an event in itself: a spectacular light show creating a unique ambiance that constantly changes and reflects the desires of the constituencies.

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