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Project Brief- To design a home for a nomad who travels with his/her possessions. The “vehicle” by which he/she travels must be adaptable to varying conditions while still evoking the essence of home. The nomad’s encampment will be no more than three days.
Concept- The concept for this project is an object that expanded and contracted or a compact object and that opened up like a matchbox, consisting of two compartments; one coming out of the other.
The plans are simply rendered- The kitchen, dining and bathroom immovable; the seating area, bed, closet and desk part of the home that opened up; the sofa doubling up as a bed; the chairs and coffee table folded up and stored away under the dining table; the swinging doors making the space more open; the large windows placed to get a good view of the outside and to let enough light in the space. I wished to create a home that was very spacious and comfortable so that it will feel like a home away from home.

Studio: Sophomore Studio

Part 2 of 4

Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Completed: September 2011

  • Floor Plans
  • Section 1
  • Section 2