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Project Brief- To design a home for a nomad who travels with his/her possessions. The “vehicle” by which he/she travels must be adaptable to varying conditions while still evoking the essence of home. The nomad’s encampment will be no more than three days.

The concept for this project is an object that expands and contracts or a compact object and that opens up like a matchbox, consisting of two compartments; one coming out of the other.

Studio: Sophomore Studio with Janet Stegman
Part 2 of 4
Project Duration: 2 Weeks
Completed: September 2011

The plans are simply rendered- The kitchen, dining and bathroom immovable; the seating area, bed, closet and desk part of the home that opened up; the sofa doubling up as a bed; the chairs and coffee table folded up and stored away under the dining table; the swinging doors making the space more open; the large windows placed to get a good view of the outside and to let enough light in the space. I wished to create a home that was very spacious and comfortable so that it will feel like a home away from home.