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Various perspective studies using different media.

Project Duration: 1 month
Completed: December 2008
Media: Paper collage, watercolor, photoshop and pen and paint on paper

For the first image I had this small and tall cupboard lying around in the store room at home. I painted it on all sides I placed it as a stand alone piece and photographed it from all sides.Somehow the Penrose triangle seemed compatible with the arrows and the road signs that I had painted on the cupboard. Using photoshop of the cupboard going towards a vanishing point repeatedly.The Penrose triangles in the background are also placed in perspective and so is the shaded orange milieu giving the picture a multi dimensional effect.

For the second I accompanied my father to one of his construction sites. While I waited for him to finish his work I drew a rough sketch which I brought back and worked on in detail emphasizing on the perspective.

I was fascinated with the play of light and the way the passage seemed to be almost never ending, framed by brickwork and concrete columns, a combination of the old and the new reminding me of ancient temple architecture.

The shaded orange milieu giving the picture a multi dimensional effect.

For the third I was inspired by the Rubik’s Cube. In this perspective drawing I have tried to show different facets of a cube by using mixed media such as collage, markers and water color.

Transparent white planes over the cubes were added in the foreground as an after thought, to create depth. Shadows in the background add to the dimensions of the cubes.

The orange background is unconventional and attractive, highlighting the foreground. Viewed from a distance, this work looks like a painting rather than a technical exercise.