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P2P Siteless House

Project Brief - The design, robotic fabrication and construction of a hard and soft pre-cast house.

Concept - I envision the primary purpose of the siteless house to house fruit pickers in California, looking for temporary housing. The homes are leased to farming co ops through an external farming consultancy agency which also assists them to produce the best produce. They can also be used by tourists looking to stay near the farms; homes rented by tourists make revenue for the farming co-op.

Studio: PennDesign Second Year Studio with Robert Stuart Smith

Group Project with Dan Hurley

Project Duration: 4 Months Completed: December 2017

These homes would be placed close to the farms for easy access, with the driverless cars used by the pickers to transport them to the farm as well as to transport tourists around the farm. As seasons change, workers migrate to where demand is greatest. The mobile siteless house is designed to move with them.

Technology is integrated into the house and is in sync with the car. Real time data about the weather reports, soil conditions, water levels and picking stats are recorded and then uploaded to the cloud which can be accessed by the consultants, farming co op, fruit pickers and the farm guest as a way to share information.

The experimental process of creating the formwork for casting using a robotic arm involves cutting overlapping curves that produce beautiful surfaces.