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Project Brief- To explore the accommodation of a traveler with the intent of guiding his/her perceptions and interactions with other unknowns and to provide comfort and personal space in a communal setting. There are no set number of rooms or travelers to be accommodated. However the approach should result in efficient use of this space.

When exmaining the site, the building does not get direct sunlight but has enough ambient light. I began drawing the light and shadow lines that struck the building and used the triangular shapes to create voids in each floor to filter the light through the building.

Studio: Sophomore Studio with Janet Stegman
Part 3 of 4
Project Duration: 3.5 Weeks
Completed: November 2011

The voids are placed over the corridors and the lounges where the movement of people will be the greatest in order to draw people out into the common areas. Translucent glass covers the voids to maintain privacy. The program is inverted so the public spaces are on top of the building. There is a swimming pool on the roof so that light passing through the water created an interesting effect in the lobby and dining areas. A glass elevator allows is also lit, so the traveler entering the hotel sees the light from elevator and is drwan up to the top floor immediately. To play around more with the light, I created voids in the walls around the staircases; some create holes and some are back lit. In addition, the floating stairs allow light to pass through them to form shadows in the stairwell.

I also considered peoples’ sleeping habits. Since the sun moves from East to West, the North facade gets the morning sun and North side rooms would be for early risers. The West facade gets light in the evenings and hence will be for people who like to sleep in late. Some of the voids also continue on into the rooms creating slits above the sinks. Part of the bathroom wall is glass so that the light from the window can enter the bathroom as well.