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Project Brief- To design an intervention of an urban space that will alter the perception or behavior of an urban wanderer who observes or inhabits this place. Their interaction will be no more than 30 minutes.
Concept- The site I chose was the Providence river close to the RISD Industrial Design and Architecture department buildings; a very beautiful spot but very isolated and lonely. Since the Providence river is polluted with runoff, mercury and sewage, I want to divert people's attention by using the color orange. In India, marigold flower garlands are used to decorate idols of Gods and Goddesses in temples. I want to cover the ‘sacred’ river with a blanket of flowers. I also want to place large baskets of these flowers by the riverside. People walking past can place the flowers in the water themselves, making this an interactive installation.

Studio: Sophomore Studio

Part 1 of 4

Project Duration: 1 Week

Completed: September 2011